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Review Too Close to See by Angela March

  5 stars  Review
Too Close to See (A Southern Series book 3) 
by Angela March     
*Review*  Too Close to See by Angela March

 Too Close to See by Angela March
 (A Southern Series book 3)
THIS IS NOT A STANDALONE, this is the final installment of
"A Southern Series" by Angela March

Now with that out of the way I must say this has been one of the most amazing series I have read. It is not your typical love story. It's not all roses and sunshine, but it is full of Heart.Lots of Heart, and more of a feel of reality, and it sucked you right in from the very first word of Meet Virginia.

Virginia Costello is a very complex woman. She was emotionally abused all her life leaving her to feel unimportant by her family and was often put aside and literally forgotten about. Leaving no one to fight for her but herself.

I am a complete and total mess of tears right now. Tears of sadness, heartache and joy.
This story pick up right where Georgia girl left off.
Virginia is headed to the birthday party leaving a upset Eli behind, and Virginia with lots of misplaced emotions.

Then there is "Swoon" Boone he is miserable, but He is trying to give Virginia the space she desired and work on himself and do a little growing up all the while he is secretly watching over Virginia.

Virginia is dealing with the emotional wreckage of her life secretly missing Boone, but trying to put the pieces back together but slowly realizing they don't fit anymore. Deep down she knew that along. But the fear of change and failure left her trying.

She comes across as self centered, shellfish brat, making everything all about her. But it's more about the need to be important, to matter to someone.
Be first in someone's life for a change. Which is something she has not had.

Thinking Boone has left Atlanta and feeling guilt over the way things ended she refuses to call and cause him anymore pain. So Virginia tries to carry on with her life.

Now I don't want to giveaway any spoilers so let's just say we have a new player involved.
The Sexy Tru with no E (Mr. Man Bun) " Sex on a Stick "
He is in pursuit of Virginia he has to have her he is not used to be told No ..

Belle I just adore such an old wise soul . I absolutely love her and Wheezy (Belle's caretaker)

Jasper is there for Virginia every step of the way. Giving her the support only a friend can give.
Ian is keeping a huge secret from Jasper. In return cause jasper to do buy a online spy kit.. lol

Eli I have mixed emotions about.

This has been an fantastic read and overall amazing series .
I have rapidly become a huge Fan of Angela March and very unique writing style. It is truly a breath of fresh air.
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