Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Christy's Review Crazy by M. Dauphin

A single father, Benton is learning to live with the loss of his wife and a new baby. 
Gabby has a dark past that she fights every day. 
When the two get together, one of them just wants to move forward and the other just wants to forget. Sometimes forgetting isn't as easy as it sounds, though. Benton will do anything he can to help Gabby, even if it means putting everything he's worked for on the line. 
Will she recognize his efforts before it's too late or are they both a little too crazy to make it work? 
*18+ only* 
*Stand alone full length novel*
 *This story is a spin off of characters from M. Dauphin's best selling novel Just GO* 


5 Crazy Amazing Stars! I was blown away!!!

This author has truly outdone herself with Crazy! I fell in love with Benton and Gabby in Just Go. We already knew Benton's story but Gabby was very intriguing she was a mystery. I could not wait for their story. And Wow what a story it is.

Gabby does not do relationship, or monogamy of any kind and she pulls no punches about it. She has demons that haunt her from very dark and trouble past.
Benton is a widower with a new born baby girl he is still cooping with the loss of his wife.

These two will take you on a emotional journey that will make your heart cry and your pulse race.

This is truly a phenomenal read. I highly recommend !!

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Adam Callahan has everything he could ask for. Money, a penthouse, and enough women to have a different one every day of the week. 
When Annaliese Ryder happens one night, Adam's world is turned upside down. There's just one problem in his plan to make her his, though: her father. 
Will she take a chance on Adam, or will her father get in the way of all their plans? 
*This book's starter short is found in the Suits and Shades bundle titled Just One Night* 
****18+ due to adult content****

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Free on Kindle Unlimited

About the Author
M. Dauphin lives in Southern Illinois with her husband,
two tiny kiddos, and two insane dogs. 
Being a writer is something she never thought she'd want to do, but
she's SO GLAD she started this journey. 
If you want to get on her good side, Coffee is always the way to go. 
Reviews help also. 
She loves everything but bugs and tornadoes... and a few other things.

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